Eko Analiz builds Novi Kovin mine and steam power plant

4. March 2011. / Uncategorized

The project involving construction of Novi Kovin coal mine and steam power plant, with the total installed power capacity of 600 MW, will be presented today in the Government of Vojvodina.

In accordance with the legal procedure, Energy Consulting and Engineering from Novi Sad acquired the Decision on execution of research works in Kovin coal basin, finished the research works, prepared an elaborate on reserves and verified reserves.

In order to get the exploitation permit, the company has hired consulting companies from the Federal Republic of Germany – RWE and LMBV, and consulting companies from the Republic of Serbia – Jaroslav Cerni Institute, the Urban Planning Institute of Vojvodina-Novi Sad and IAUS, Ecologica Urbo.

The majority owner and financier is Eko Analiz from the Republic of Bulgaria.

Source Ekapija.com

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