Electric Power Industry of Serbia achieved a record cumulative charge of 101 percent

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In 2019, Electric Power Industry of Serbia achieved a record cumulative charge of 101 percent and significantly reduced electricity losses on the grid, with a plan to fall to the European level by 2021, said Milorad Grcic, managing director of JP EPS.

– We were able to get those who are used to not paying for electricity to gain ground and start paying because electricity production costs. It was hard work because the cumulative collection in EPS for the years was about 94 or 94.5 percent, and this year we end up with a historical collection of 101 percent, which means that arrears are being charged – Grcic said on the last day in 2019 at a working breakfast with business executives at Thermal Power Plants “Nikola Tesla”.

He added that he would not be satisfied as long as there is any user who steals electricity and emphasized that stealing is getting in the way.

Addressing the managers at TENT, where about half of the electricity is produced for the Serbian market, Grcic thanked them for their dedicated work and good results. He also congratulated the railways at TENT Railway, which achieved a new record in coal transportation from Kolubara and exceeded the previous one by 100.000 tons.

– The fact is that EPS works, coal and energy production last 24 hours all 365 days a year, the system is maintained and there are no holidays for you – said managing director of JP EPS, Milorad Grcic.

He urged those who often criticize EPS for their pay levels to try to spend a month continuously with miners, or TENT employees, and then decide whether or not it is deserved.

Speaking about the results, Grcic pointed out that network losses were reduced by 1.5 percent points or 300 megawatts in the past three years and dropped to 11.5 percent in 2019, while in 2016 they amounted to almost 13 percent. We have a plan to reduce that level of losses to single digits in 2020 and 2021, which will be considered a success because the average in Europe is seven to eight percent a year – said Grcic, and wished all employees happy holidays, good health and happiness at work.

The working breakfast was also attended by members of EPS management and the Mayor of Obrenovac, Miroslav Čučković, reports Srbija Danas.

Source: srbijadanas.com


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