Electric Power of Serbia EPS – Power Plants, report 2010/2011

27. January 2012. / Uncategorized

Realized Energy Balance

Even though electricity consumption continued to grow every year since 2001, the same production capacities of EPS that worked then, continued to meet balance tasks

Generation and Consumption

EPS power plants, with Kosovo and Metohija capacities, delivered 40,980 GW/h of electricity to the energy system in 2010. Energy balance is achieved with 100.3%. To be precise, energy generation was less by 0.3% than in 2009. Since 2001, generation capacities of EPS, even though electricity consumption continued to grow every year, still manage to meet the balance tasks, with the same capacities that worked then. Gross consumption (Kosov and Metohija included) was 39,819 GW/h. This is a record annual consumption which is by 898 GW/h (2.3%) higher than in 2009.

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