Electric Power of Serbia(EPS) investment plans for 2012, in accordance with potentials and limitations

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First priority projects for EPS are in line of 35.94 bill rsd , while planed credit and loan amount for 2012 is 428,5 mil euros. EPS is resuming its activities on completion and organization of tendering procedures and processes for new power generation facilities.

Maintaining the achieved level of production, improvement of environmental protection, replacement and expansion of existing surface lignite coal fields as well the modernization and overhaul of existing power gen facilities ( namely hydro power plants) are part of EPS investment plans for 2012.

Under the limited financing options and low electricity price it is possible that realization of some projects will go slower than planed. One of the difficulties is surely not expansion and opening of new mining lignite fields. This would lead to deficit of 5-6 mil tons of coal per year and this equals annual electricity production of 3.5-4.2 bill kwh.

As Slobodan Mitrovic, EPS director for investments and strategy in production division, explains total planed funds for 2012 investments are 85.43 bill dinars. First priority projects are in line with 35.91 bill dinars while planed loan amount for 2012 is 428.5 mil euros.

Resuming already started projects and investments

Investments will be allocated to minimal preparation works on Radljevo open pit field within Kolubara mines company as well as for the works on Tamnava-west field area of Kolubara mines.

DSO level will be supported with investments on transformer station 110kv of EMS smart grid project but also replacement of existing wooden blocks with concrete ones.

According to Mitrovic statement, EPS is expecting activities on already started projects like modernization of Kostolac B2 Tpp but also new projects Tent A5 and Tent B1 overhaul projects. We are also planning to prepare investment cycle for 2013 like Kostolac B1 overhaul and dgs mills project modernization in TENT A power plant on unit A5, ESP loan financed project on TENT B1.

Hydro power plant Djerdap 1 will have second turbine overhaul, within the Russian credit line but also some works on coast line of Djerdap 1 and 2. We will also resume modernization of hydro power plant Bajina Basta from Kfw bank loan.

For 2012 this EPS division is continuing its activities on tender process completion on selection of strategic partners for new facilities projects like Kolubara B, TENT B3, CHP Novi Sad but also on hydro power plant projects on Ibar river ( Ibarske power plants project).

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