Electricity price in Montenegro will increase for 15%

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Households electricity price might be increased in Montenegro for 15% starting from august, according to the Regulatory agency for energy. New prices will be implemented as of 1st august until 2013.

Energy agency board determined that the electricity price for households in total will increase for 30 mil eur in comparison with current. The final proposal will be adopted once the 7 days appeal period is completed.

The regulator also approved less incomes than requested for Electric power company, grid network company and operator of the market, around 30 mil euro.

The director of the regulating agency Novak Medenica stated that the energy companies submitted the request for new prices with increase of 25% if accepted. The board did not accepted this proposals but it did accepted the price increase of estimated 15%.

However according to daily magazine Vijsti, the price might go up only for 5% or the increase could be also halted as the elections are planed for the autumn.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine