Electricity situation in May: Daily consumption of about 85 million kWh

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The June heat at the beginning of the third decade of this month, raised the daily consumption of electricity in the Republic of Serbia to about 97 million kWh, and at the territory excluding Kosovo and Metohija to about 85 million, which is 5.5 million more in comparison to planned consumption. Average daily temperature was around 28 degrees Celsius, which is about eight degrees warmer than average day in June. Elecricity consumption was magnified by air-conditioners, but the supply of buyers were still stable.

Coal fired power plants gave three million kWh to system, daily, or 6% more than it was planned, while the flow hydro plants were at the planned level, as the inflows are nearly on the last hundred years average.

Thanks to power plants that worked in this way, andalso to mining sector, which provide a higher content of carbon in landfills in comparison to planned amount for this time, all needs for the electricity are covered by the available capacities of EPS.

Jovica Vranic, from the Electricity Trade Department of EPS says that until 19th June days were “only” three degrees warmer than the June average and that thanks to that fact the power consumption was lower (2.3 %) than the average for this month. Total production in available power plants within EPS was 1.8% higher than expected. Also, the accumulations of HPP, especially “Piva” produced almost twice as much as planned.

Flow hydro power plants produced 1.3% more than it was planned, but coal plants were under expected production level, by 6.3%, due to