Electricity supply to big industrial consumers, the case of aluminum smelters

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Electricity market liberalization and opening will bring new obligation of big industrial consumers. To procure and trade electricity for its own needs. SEE region and national markets has a large number of large industrial consumers, e.g. Serbia has more than 100 large consumers while Croatia has around 50. Bosnia has the same number of potential consumers while Montenegro have smaller number of large consumers. Considering the trend of industrialization and outsourcing of production from EU markets to SEE/Balkans the increase is demand is expected and confirmed in number of experts projection for period toward 2020.

Alluminium smelters as case examples of big consumers are analysis, where even a cross border electricity supply is possible and electricity supplied from Croatia to Bosnian consumer.

At the beginning of July 2011, Croatia electricity utility company HEP signed a contract to supply electricity for aluminum smelter in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina). In return, Mostar aluminum smelter is due to supply 60,000 tons of aluminum for TLM aluminum processing in Croatia at a fixed price. Electricity supply is contracted at