Electricity surplus from Ukraine exported to CEE region power market

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The export of Ukrainian electricity for five months of 2012 exceeded the 2011 annual volume by 55% or 1.226 billion kWh, UkrInform reported.

This is evidenced by the operational data of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine.

Thus, if in 2011 Ukraine exported 2,214.9 million kWh of electricity, in January-May 2012 the exports reached 3,440.9 million kWh. This is 66.1% more than in January-May 2011, including in May 2012 Ukraine exported 933.4 million kWh, which is 122.1% higher than in 2011 (420.3 million kWh).

The growth in electricity exports was due to increased supply to Romania – by 11.8 times, from 7.2 million kWh to 84.9 million kWh, to Moldova and Hungary – by 2.1 times to 309.7 million kWh and 1,331.7 million kWh, respectively, as well as to Belarus – 1.6 times to 1,287.4 million kWh.

In addition, in January-May 2012 Ukraine also delivered electricity to Poland in the amount of 399.9 million kWh, while in January-May 2011 electricity in this direction was not exported.

At the same time, in some areas of exports since the beginning of the year, a decrease in volumes has been observed, or a complete cessation. For example, the export of Ukrainian electricity to Slovakia decreased by 16.7 times, from 454.7 million kWh to 27.3 million kWh, and not a single kilowatt was exported to Russia in January-May 2012, while for 5 months in 2011 the export of electricity there amounted to 8.3 million kWh.

The volume of electricity exports to Hungary in the structure of supplies in January-May 2012 amounted to 38.7%, Belarus 37.4%, Poland 11.6%, Moldova about 9%, Romania 2.5%, Slovakia 0.8%.

In 2011, Ukraine exported 2,214.9 million kWh of electricity, which is 52.5% more than the shipments in 2010. The geography of electricity supply included seven countries – Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Russia and Poland. The greatest amount of electricity was supplied to Belarus and Hungary -39.8% and 38.4% of total exports, respectively.

Source ukrainebusiness