Electricity trader company GEN-I on Serbian power market

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Slovenian Company GEN-I broker and trader of electricity announced that it has entered Slovenian capital assets market and that its electricity market entrance in Serbia is assisted from Slovenian NLB Bank.

GEN-I intends to strengthen its presence in the region so they signed a contract for electricity supply with Serbian subsidiary of German Company Meser Tehnogas AD, and first deliveries started on 8 Fabruary, it is stated in the announcement.

This is the first case of changing the supplier on Serbian liberalized electricity market so GEN-I became the first new member that supplies final buyers on Serbian territory.

GEN-I entered Croatian market in 2010 when it got license and first testing customers for the electricity supply in small amounts.
Companies of GEN-I group participate in cross border market with electricity products and cross border transmission capacities. They have required infrastructure for selling electricity to big business consumers and households in accordance with development of certain markets.

This company succeeded to provide required financial assets for institutional investors with this first publication of 360- daily commercial notes- it is stated in the announcement.

President of GEN-I Administration, Robert Golob, and member of the Koprivinikar’s Administration presented the entrance of GEN-I to Slovenian capital market on press conference in Ljubljana. They stated that this is the third corporation that published commercial notes in Slovenia.

We estimate publication of commercial notes as very successful because GEN-I managed to gain planned 30 million EUR on capital market, the company representatives stated.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/GenI