National Assembly of Serbia adopted the new Energy Act, which should liberalize all parts of the country’s energy market. The new energy act is seen as another harmonization step in Serbia’s path to EU membership.
The new energy law increases the role of the Serbian Energy Agency and aims at securing the supplies. Furthermore, investment procedures see a significant simplification. Renewable energy and energy efficiency matters would have more investments incentives.
According to the new law as of October 1, 2012, the Energy Agency will be determining the prices of electricity and gas, currently controlled by the government. The new energy act pins the liberalization of electricity market as of January, 2013. In early 2015 small consumers and households would have the possibility to choose their supplier, while the industry should have access to the liberalized market as of next year. The much expected balancing market and energy exchange should also become reality in 2012.
Electricity market of Serbia ( + SEE countries) is under development and attracts different business  international stakeholders. Due to its importance for EU power market itself electricity producers and investors are being attracted to the region of SEE which has still unexplored potentials.
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