Energowind and MK Fintel developing windmill parks in Vrsac municipality

27. June 2012. / News Serbia Energy

While Germany produces annualy 80% of world wind energy, Serbia is the only country in Europe without single wind green kwh so far. More than 200MEUR for 102MW project of Energowind. Incentive FiT system and grid connection obstacles solved.First green wind kwh expected in 2013.

Despite the fact that in Serbia there are 12 issued licenses for wind mill construction, nine investors gave up from further development due to the slow and undefined legal regulation.

According to the official data from Ministry of Energy, the region of south Banat has potential to produce 84% of all green energy in Serbia as the wind is strong for 200 days per year. Still despite huge interest from investors for this area, no project did not passed the construction permit level.

According to the Branislav Matic, director of Energowind company, in second quarter of 2013 Serbia might get its first green kwh. Energowind company is one of the rare companies which obtained most of the permits and licenses for its Vrsca project.

Energowind plans to construct in Plandiste municipality 50 wind mills with total output power of 102MW which is sufficient to supply five cities of size of Vrsac.

So far Energowind invested 4MEUR of foreign capital. Most of the money went into state budget for various permits and licenses while the rest of funds were used for land acquisition for period of 25 years. The construction of windmill park, transformer station, access roads and cable installation will cost additional 150-200MEUR, says Matic and adds that next Energowind project will start in Alibunar.

According to the announcement from Vrsac municipality, first windmills generators should be installed this autumn, the project financed by company MK Fintel while three other investors are awaiting for all necessary permits.

Major obstacles for wind projects realization was unclear legal regulation, validity of incentive FiT system, green energy grid connection and transfer but also electricity price which is expected to be increased for 80% until end of 2014.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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