Energtek Subsidiary Completes First Year of Ongoing Natural Gas Sales to Industrial Energy Consumer

2. February 2012. / Uncategorized


Energtek, a leader in hi-tech natural gas solutions and Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology, today announced that its subsidiary PanEnergy d.o.o Pancevo has successfully concluded its first year of a revenue generating natural gas delivery and supply project near Belgrade, Serbia.

Energtek’s first ongoing revenue generating pilot has run flawlessly and continuously throughout 2011, and natural gas supply and delivery continues running. Pan Energy is selling natural gas to a local food manufacturer, using complete mobile transportation and supply solutions.

“Energtek launched this relatively small commercial pilot over a year ago to prove Energtek’s business model of leveraging its mobile transportation technologies in order to sell ongoing quantities of natural gas,” said Mr. Dushutzky, Active Manager of PanEnergy. “This pilot has generated as expected about $75,000, with a gross margin of over fifty percent. We are very pleased by the outstanding performance of our supply system over an entire year. Energtek’s superior technologies and business models enable the supply of affordable alternative energy to large industrial customers,” Dushutzky added.


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