Energy efficiency reform, projects and activities, Interview with Bojan Kovacic, SEEA deputy director

, Uncategorized Serbia is still in middle of the energy efficiency measures increase reform process. How do you evaluate current status, did Serbia reformed its legal framework to the right level and are we close to the EU standards?

A: An improvement of energy efficiency is a continuous process which requires an organized and a systematic approach of relevant public institutions and organizations, local self-governments, companies and all individuals. Indicators of energy efficiency in Serbia show that there is a potential for improvement of degree of rational energy usage in all sectors of energy consumption, especially in a residential sector (buildings, agriculture, public utilities, households). Serbia, as the most of the countries of central and southeast Europe, is taking the first steps towards an establishment of a system of organized energy efficiency improvement on demand-side. Since this complex process is imbued with numerous objective and subjective obstacles, only with systematic and synergistic approach to problematic it can be expected significant step toward improvement of the indicators of energy efficiency. In this respect, it is necessary to meet certain prerequisites