Energy Potentials

Potential in Serbia

Biomass (2.6 million toe) Small hydro-power plants (1.600 GWh or 400.000 toe) Geothermal energy (185.000 toe) Solar energy (-) Wind energy (-)


2.6 Mtoe
1.56 Mtoe agriculture
1.0 Mtoe woods
Potentials for biomass exploitation
2.6 million tones of oil equivalent
55% of Serbian territory is arable land
25 % of Serbian territory is under wood
Old and non efficient equipment
Boilers on biomass fuel
The use of biomass as heat fuel
The use of liquid waste for bio-gas production

Geothermal Energy

Potential 100 locations with springs
Temperature: usually 30-60 °C, rarely up to 80 °C, max. 110 °C
Over than 50 locations have the potential > 1 MW
Priorities Heating
Revitalization (heat pumps)
Construction of new installations

Wind Energy

There are no operational wind turbines in Serbia

Following inter alias the areas of Serbia where wind velocity exceeded 6-beau fort and the number of days this was the case. The locations with the highest velocities in 1999 and 2000 were the following:
Crni Vrh: 256–223 days
Ban. Karlovac: 128-155 days
Vranje: 133-156 days
Kopaonik: 134-144 days
Nis: 81-105 days
Beograd: 130-114 days
According to the investigations made by experts from Agricultural Faculty and Faculty of electronics from city of Beograd in 2003, potentials to produce electricity from wind in Serbia and Montenegro are as follows:

Average speed of wind: 4 – 6 m/s,
Potential (onshore) wind capacity: 11 000 MW,
Potential (onshore + offshore) wind capacity: 15 000 MW,
Electricity produced from (onshore + offshore) wind: 26,3 TWh/yr

Small River Hydro-Power Plants

Cadastre of potential location
900 locations for HPP up to 10MW
Gross capacity approximately 500 MW
Approximately 60 units have been constructed (50 % out of service)
Average 1 MW
Small HPP on existing water-gates
Construction of new HPP
Demonstration Projects and Feasibility Studies


Replacement of two fuel oil boilers with biomass fired boilers and reconstruction of the boiler house – power 2x230kW The use of biomass in boiler houses in town of Negotin – power 5MW

Small HPP

Construction of small hydro power plant at Gruza lake near town of Kragujevac – power 80kW Small hydro power plant at the accumulation lake “Celije” near Krusevac with capacity of about 3 MW

Geothermal Energy

Improvement of utilization of existing geothermal wells in Bujanovac Spa including installation of heat pumps for sanitary water and building heating. Solar Energy Using of Solar Thermal Energy for sanitary water heating in the Special Hospital “Rusanda” Melenci.

Wind Energy

Project from Spanish donation:

Capacity building of the RES centre within SEEA.
3 pillars for wind metering for 3 locations
Metering period – 12 months
Data processing
Feasibility study for one location
Assistance by regulatory proposals