Energy Power Utilities from Serbia and Bosnia are not delivering electricity to Montenegro KAP

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According to representatives from EPS and EP BiH, these two electrical power utilities are not delivering electricity to Podgorica’s Aluminum Combine (KAP) which has been illegally using electricity since the beginning of the year and that costs citizens 93 thousand EUR a day.

“EPS doesn’t supply KAP with electricity”, representatives of Serbian power utility EPS stated while also in EP BiH Bosnian power utility stated that this company didn’t and does not deliver electricity to Podgorica’s factory.

Representatives of Croatian Electrical Power Utility (HEP) haven’t answered the questions on regional usage of electricity to KAP and if this company has supplied KAP with electricity in any way.

In Podgorica’s media is written that KAP is being supplied with electricity from reservoirs of surrounding systems’ producers because EPCG stopped to deliver electricity to KAP on 22 February according to the warrant from CGES.

Management of KAP, according to the words of its representatives, doesn’t know who delivers electricity to the factory and according to which price. The stated that KAP doesn’t have possibilities to pay for electricity at the moment because production scope is significantly smaller.

EPCG supplied KAP with electricity until 1 October after what its role was taken over by state’s Montenegrobonus which delivered electricity to KAP until 1 January. KAP is consuming electricity illegally since the beginning of this year.

Source;Serbia Energy See desk/Portal Analitika