Energy situation stabilizes in Serbia

22. February 2012. / Uncategorized


The energy situation in Serbia has stabilized and electricity consumption has dropped, which is why emergency measures for electricity cuts in the economic sector have been called off, it was announced after the meeting of the working group monitoring the energy supply. According to Director of “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” Dragomir Markovic, other measures in place because of the emergency situation, remain in force, and consumers should continue saving energy.

As for electricity consumption, the situation is somewhat better, which might have been expected given that, due to the holidays, the previous days were not working, Markovic said, adding that as of February 21, electricity cuts in the economic sector have been called off. Markovic stressed that the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” has recommended measures to reduce public lighting and switch off the advertising and decorative lighting over the next seven to eight days. All measures introduced so far have saved 7.5% of electricity, which is about 500 megawatts.

The rising temperatures have contributed to lower electricity consumption and more stable operation of power plants. In addition, coal deposits for thermal power plants have been renewed. Markovic said that although hydropower plants are still working below

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