Environmental projects in Serbia Energy Power Gen facilities, status brief from 2010/2011

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Serbia Energy brings brief status report on EPS environmental projects, achieved and planned, assessment period 2010/2011.

Environment Protection and Projects in Electric Power of Serbia Power Generation Facilities

In the course of the last decade of the last century, environmental protection was unfortunately placed in the background. Consequences have left traces in the immediate environment of EPS facilities, as well as in trans-border transmission of negative impacts. Combustion products such as sulphur and nitrogen oxides together with dust are released into the air and together with atmospheric precipitation they form acid rains having an adverse impact on plant life.

One of the most significant changes compared to the previous period, with multi-dimensional importance for Serbia and its energy sector and thereby Electric Power Industry of Serbia is surely the coming into force of the Contract on the Founding of Energy Community. By ratifying this Contract in the National Assembly, Electric Power Industry of Serbia has undertaken an obligation of full application of Acquis Communautaire Environment (i.e. full application of EU standards in the field of environment, related to the energy