EPC CEO Obradovic: EPS records success in electricity trade

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EPS will provide in total 700 MW of electricity in February- Alekandar Obradovic, Acting Managing Director of EPS, said.
“We are exporting electricity at this very moment because we had very good production results, good hydrology and weather conditions”, Obradovic  précised that export in this two months will be 350 megawatt-hours.
He estimated that EPS noted many successes on electricity market.

The income of electricity import couldn’t be précised in this company because it is a business secret, according to their words.
“We are continuing with our annual plan. I think we are going to accomplish it completely, because electricity supply is not endangered, we have good hydrology and weather conditions, so I don’t expect any problems related to the production”, Obradovic added.

EPS managed to keep 95% of this market since the beginning of this year when liberalization of 10% of electricity market for high-voltage consumers came to order- he stated and added that EPS has lost only one customer so far.

“This is one of the moments when EPS is not monopolist in Serbia anymore and this is the last call for wake up. We have to reorganize the company as soon as possible, to become more efficient and to manage to fight with competition which is going to be stronger day by day”, Obradovic stressed.

EPS should have better organization, to be more efficient and profitable company-it is in interest of Government, our partners and Serbian citizens.

“Political message of new government is pretty clear- EPS won’t be privatized. These measures that I try to carry out are only support to this theory because successful and profitable EPS in this case don’t need privatization”, Obradovic announced.

“On contrary, these measures are going in totally different direction in order not to cause privatization”, he said and added “that former government brought EPS to huge economical problems with its non-hosting attitude toward EPS”.

He said that EPS will define which investment realization will be first realized until the end of this year in accordance with signed memorandums and contracts with partners.

“The main criterion for that will be project profitability”, he stressed and added that he don’t wants to predicts which project will be realized until all analysis are finished.

Source Akter/Serbia Energy