Serbia; EPS and electricity price reform, by Aleksandar Obradovic EPS CEO

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“If we use market price on public supply, the price will have to increase by 38% instead of 11% as it was increased. Electricity price has not been changed for two years and four months and inflation during this period was 14,1%. So, we didn’t even cover inflation during this period and it is because so strong social aspect that exists in EPS”.

Aleksandar Obradovic, Acting Managing Director of EPS, dramatically announced at the beginning of the year that EPS is facing bankruptcy. EPS CEO explained recently about what changed during the last year since he became a chairman: how does EPS change and prepare for market liberalization on 1 January 2015, if employees will be dismissed in the case of company reorganization, when will EPS begin to do income business and eternal question about electricity price.

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