EPS and german Tyssen Croup signed contract for procurement of new machine, jobs for local companies

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Electric power of Serbia and German ThyssenKrupp signed today contract of 17,97 mil euros for procurement of new excavator machine for surface coal pit exploration on field West area in Mining basin Kolubara.

The contract was signed by Dragomir Markovic, general manager of Electric Power of Serbia, Nebojsa Ceran Director of Kolubara and Detlef Noyhaus Board member of ThyssenKrupp and TK Trade manager, local Thyssen representative in Serbia.

The procurement of excavator SchRs 630 25/6 will be financed from regular EPS asset funds. Deadline for completion of work is 20 months. Local companies will be engaged for part of of the works, in total value of 8,89 mil euro while the remaining parts of the equipment in value of 9 mil euro will be procured from referenced European companies.