EPS and new investors are preparing new hydro power projects as competition increases, Vladimir Djordjevic EPS Executive Director for Renewables

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Electric power of Serbia(EPS) started some preparation activities for construction of new hydro power plants with foreign strategic partners, says Vladimir Djordjevic Executive Director for Renewables in EPS.

With Italian Secci energy on river Ibar we plan to construct 10 middle size hydro power plants with investment of 300 million euros, while with German RWE we are preparing the construction of five hydro power plants on river Velika Morava in value of 360 mill euros.

EPS is also working on fast preparation of documentation for reversible hydro power plant Bistrica which should be completed by middle of 2013. Our and state expectations is that this reversible Hpp will be in ownership of EPS and state, and with potential partner we will analyse the alternatives for financing the project.

Beside state projects in Serbia there are several foreign investors, companies seeking suitable locations for middle size hydro power plants. Beside Canadian REV which plans the construction of hpp Brodarevo 1 and 2, some other german and Canadian companies expressed the interest on river Drina. In the same time river Lim, beside REV, also brought the interest of some Italian investors which recently visited the city of Prijepolje.

Competition is increasing and in time we will surely get new MW which will secure the energy stability of Serbia.

Source: Serbia-energy.com/Kwh magazine