EPS continues investments into Kolubara mines company

17. April 2012. / Uncategorized

As it was announced in Serbian electric power company EPS, the new investment contract will include the additional 10 mil euro of donation from german Kfv bank. The project will focus on environmental protection measures, the modernization which will improve the coal exploration technology in Kolubara open mines company from Lazarevac.

The new exploration technology environmental project will include the investments of 181,6 mil euros.

Beside the Kfv bank funding, the project includes also 80 mil euro from EBRD loan while the remaining 15% will be financed from EPS own assets, it was stated in EPS.

The complete technical and investment documentation of the project is prepared and tender documentation for one part of the project which will be financed from EBRD is already prepared and in the last phase of approval.

Source Serbia-energy.com

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