EPS GM Dragomir Markovic on investments, international strategic partners and privatization of Energy company of Serbia

11. July 2012. / News Serbia Energy

There is not any model of foreign investment in EPS, except the privatization of EPS. The increase in electricity price by 10% will raise inflation by 1.5%, says Dragomir Markovic GM of Energy power company of Serbia. When it comes to strategic partnership for kolubara B, TENT B3, hydro plants on Velika Morava, Drina, Ibar, TE-TO Novi Sad, these are common firm that are not parts of the EPS, and ehere EPS has only minority stake. Markovic says that domestic firms participate in projects that EPS finances from its own funds with 70-80%. In projects that are financed by loans, domestic firms participate with 30-45%.

Dragomir Markovic, Managing Director of EPS says that citizens of Serbia are real investors in EPS, so the improvement of Serbian industry, increase in employment and secure electricity supply are in their hands. This was said during the meeting that was called

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