EPS in bad shape, restructuring and development as priorities, Interview with EPS GM Obradovic

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Acting Director General of Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) Aleksandar Obradovic said that in that he found a difficult financial situation in this state owned company, which is a result of problems accumulated over the past ten years – Many problems was placed “under the carpet” without genuine intention to tackle the real causes. – Employees in EPS – should not be afraid because the changes we plan will be for the better

Although a very difficult financial situation and technical readiness for the coming winter season, were the first two pressing issues, which welcomed Aleksandar Obradovic, who was appointed as Acting Director-General of “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” by the Government of Serbia on September 6, he believes that EPS can again “get back on its feet.”

How bad is the financial situation?

Finances are in a difficult and complicated situation, which I have not yet fully comprehended and I am seeking for solutions. If a company enters into liquidity problems, there is no question about conducting managerial initiatives, important steps, and doing new projects – Obradovic said. – The current difficult financial situation in EPS – is the result of considerable problems that have not been consistently tackled in the past ten years. The task is to stabilize finances by the end of the year.

Complete interview with EPS GM Mr.Obradovic you can read here LINK