EPS is temporary and reserve electricity supplier in Serbia for big consumers

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Government of Serbia determined that Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) should be temporary and reserve electricity supplier to buyers that don’t have rights for public supply according to the new energy law.

EPS will supply buyers at 70 Euros price in dinar equivalent value for megawatt-hour temporary, since 1 February until tender for reserve supplier is chosen.

According to the new energy law, market liberalization has come into force since 2013. High voltage buyers (110 KV) will lose a status of tariff buyers and become buyers with the right to choose a supplier- it was stated in the Serbian Government.

Reserve supplier will supply big industrial consumers that didn’t manage to make a contract with some of electricity suppliers on domestic market.

Opening of the free market for big consumers, like “Zeleznice Srbije”, could unburden EPS for 10% of electricity supply so it will be able to provide better service than public supply.

Citizens will remain under public supply regime. Households and small buyers will be able to buy electricity on free market since 1 January 2015.

Serbian Government adopted opinions on the amendment proposals for changes and additions to the Law for Trademarks and proposals for changes and additions to the Trade Law today and it will be sent to the Serbian Parliament.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine