EPS overhaul plans and production balances projection for 2013/2014

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This year, the scope of overhauls of production facilities has been significantly reduced in comparison to the previous periods. The main reason for that is a difficult financial situation at the beginning of the year. A lack of funds in EPS’s budget, confusion over the electricity price which should be the basis for projections, as well as the pressures of the liquidity problem that was waiting to be solved, caused the delay in the start of necessary operations and led to the decision to exclude capital overhauls from this year’s activities.In an interview EPS energy production director speaks about the overhauls planed and production balances for 2013/2014.

They are only standard overhauls, i.e. the activities that can be completed in 30 days. But even these small-scale overhauls are carried out with a great deal of difficulty. The production companies have already asked for re-scheduling of some overhauls, as they cannot complete public procurement procedures in accordance with legal requirements within a necessary time-frame. The new Law on Public Procurement and its negative implications for the efficient functioning of regular operations of thermal power plants was one of the topics we addressed in the interview with Dragan Popovic, Deputy Executive Director at the Energy Generation Department of EPS, who is also a project leader of the Project of the development of a procurement plan for 2014 and in charge of the revision of the Plan for 2013. The Project is dealing with the public procurement activities in PE EPS and its subsidiary companies for electricity generation.

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