EPS plans investments in renewable energy power generation facilities, electricity for export to regional power market

26. February 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Serbian power utility company Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) plans to revitalize 15 small HPPs that are owned by this company and to construct 8 new HPPs- administration of the company announced. Beside hydro projects EPS projected wind and CHP projects. Produced electricity to be exported to regional power market.

EPS took 23 million EUR loan for reconstruction of small HPPs and 20 million EUR loan for construction of new HPPs. EPS analyzes a possibility of wind plant farm construction in Kostolac also, 30 MW strong and with estimated value of 50 million EUR.

Option for construction of the wind park in Cajetina is also being considered. This wind park should be 5 MW strong and EPS has already signed memorandum for cooperation with Vatpik Company. Speaking about investments in renewable energy sources, EPS has also signed memorandum with Uzice and Kragujevac municipalities for construction of facilities that use junk for electricity production.

Special Industrial Society from EPS named “EPS Obnovljivi izvori” will do these jobs. Biomass potential use has not been considered yet.

EPS intends to participate in regional electricity market actively and to contribute electricity import increase.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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