EPS will be influenced by regional power market reform, says Energy Community Director

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The ultimate common goal is the integration of the region into the internal energy market of the EU. – The applicable Law on Energy is a relatively good framework, with which we can start and we expect that the Government of Serbia and EPS will take a full advantage of the legal and regulatory opportunities.

„Electric Power Industry of Serbia“  is among the largest electric power companies in the Balkans and this, from the regional perspective, shows the place and role of providing the secure supply of the electricity. The position of the company also shows how important it is to provide the sustainable business, development and managing of its resources in the market environment – says, in the interview for our paper, Janez Kopač, the Director of the Secretariat of Energy Community of South East Europe.

Our interlocutor believes that for the consumers in the region of the Western Balkans, it is important to have the sustainable resources for the access to all the regional capacities, as well as the capacities of EPS. This is one of the reasons why the EC insists on further development of all market instruments that may get these potential markets closer to the consumers, both in Serbia and in the region.

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