EU: EEX power market trading results june 2014

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In June 2014, the total volume in power derivatives on the European Energy Exchange (EEX) amounted to 99.9 TWh which is an increase of 9 percent compared to the same month of the previous year (June 2013: 91.8 TWh).

At 9.6 TWh, EEX reached the highest monthly volume so far in Italian Power Futures. This volume comprises 1.4 TWh from exchange trading and 8.2 TWh from Trade Registration. The previous record was at 7.4 TWh in April 2014 when order book trading for this market was launched.

On the French Power Derivatives Market, the volume doubled to 4.1 TWh compared to the previous year (June 2013: 2.0 TWh).

In June, 49.3 TWh were registered at EEX for clearing. Clearing and settlement of all transactions was executed by European Commodity Clearing (ECC).

The base load price for the year 2015 in the Phelix Future product (market area Germany/Austria) was quoted at EUR 34.52 per MWh on 30 June 2014. The peak load price for 2015 in the product Phelix Future was quoted at EUR 43.38 per MWh.

June, EEX admitted Ekologické Zdroje Energie s.r.o., Olomouc/Czech Republic, as the 250th member of the exchange. Furthermore, Agder Energi Vannkraft AS, Kristiansand/Norway, Banco Santander S.A., Santander, DufEnergy Trading SA, Lugano, and EP ENERGY TRADING, a.s., Prague, were admitted as new trading participants.

With effect from 23 June 2014, EEX acknowledged OTCex SA, Paris, as the first Non- Trading Broker on the EEX Derivatives Markets for Power, Natural Gas, Emissions and Coal. As a Non-Trading Broker, the company is entitled to enter Trade Registration transactions on behalf and in the name of EEX participants in the trading system, without himself being admitted as an exchange participant.

Source: EEX