EU: PEGAS natural gas platform reports increased trade volumes in june 2014

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PEGAS, the natural gas platform commonly established by the European Energy Exchange (EEX) and Powernext, announced that a total volume of 48.8 TWh was traded in June 2014 compared to 15.6 TWh in the same period of the previous year. This represents the highest monthly volume that has been traded in these markets so far.

Spot Markets

Overall trading volumes on the Spot Markets amounted to 21.8 TWh in June. The German spot markets (market areas GASPOOL and NCG) recorded a volume of 9.0 TWh (June 2013: 3.0 TWh). This volume included 1.9 TWh traded in quality-specific gas products. The French spot markets (market areas PEG Nord, PEG Sud, PEG TIGF) registered a total of 5.8 TWh (June 2013: 4.9 TWh). The Dutch TTF spot market set a new monthly record with 7.0 TWh traded in June (June 2013: 1.6 TWh). The previous record was registered in May 2014 at 5.3 TWh.

Derivatives Markets

In June, trading volumes on the PEGAS Derivatives Markets amounted to 27.1 TWh. The volume traded on the German Futures markets (GASPOOL and NCG market areas) reached 4.7 TWh (June 2013: 2.9 TWh). In the French market areas, a total of 4.0 TWh was traded on PEG Nord and PEG Sud Futures (June 2013: 2.3 TWh). A new monthly record was registered on the TTF Futures market with 18.4 TWh traded in June (June 2013: 1.0 TWh). The previous record was registered in April 2014 at 16.0 TWh.

Source: EEX