EVN Macedonia, DSO and power gen market presence

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EVN Macedonia AD is a company for electricity distribution, management of the distribution system and supply to tariff customers connected to its distribution network on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. EVN Macedonia also owns 11 small hydropower plants.

The distribution network in Macedonia is privately owned by EVN Macedonia AD. This company owns 150 km of distribution network at a voltage level of 110 kV, 1000 km at 35 kV, 720 km at 20 kV, 8900 km at 10 kV and 11600 km at 0.4 kV.

EVN Macedonia AD supplies a total of 720000 consumers with electricity. Recently EVN made a new reorganization whereby the distributive consumers were divided into 19 Electricity User Centers.

The distribution of electricity in Macedonia faces high loses and insufficient quality of the delivered electricity in certain areas and an unsatisfactory security of supply.

EVN Macedonia AD also owns 11 small hydropower plants with 25 production units with a total power of 45 MW  which have generated 124 GWh in 2006. The distribution network of EVN also includes the small hydropower plants owned by private generators, mainly water management organizations.

Seven of the small hydropower plants of EVN Macedonia, are in the ROT program until 2009  according to which they are used by the company HIDROPOL from the Czech Republic and it has an obligation to revitalize them and transfer them back. Small HPPs in the network of EVN Macedonia has 49MW of installed power.

Source Serbia Energy Magazin