Extremely successful production of the Danube HPPs for the first two months, Production 56% more than planned

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HPP “Djerdap 1” before the end of February produced this year’s first billion kWh of electricity. – Rationally and without overflow, unexpectedly favorable Danube inflows for this time of the year, were utilized, although the HPP ” Djerdap 1″ operated with reduced capacity.

Both Danube HPPs continue with the successful production this year, maximally using the favorable hydrology of the Danube for this time of year. The great river has unexpectedly recorded on 19th February the year’s maximum water inflow of 8400 m 3/s.
However, on the HPP “Djerdap 1” there has been no overflow or loss of energy, even though this plant, due to revitalization of the unit A-4, operates with reduced capacity. With a maximum commitment of shifts personnel, just to mention the Dispatching service,  and with the exceptional, exemplary cooperation with partners from Romania, every drop of the Danube was properly used.

– Thanks to this, the HPP “Djerdap1” completed the implementation of the production plan for February by producing 359 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, 10 days before the deadline. This means that  so-called dynamic plan of production for 18 days was exceeded by 60 percent – said Miloš Martinović, a leading energy technician, while presenting more detailed outputs by all four members of the Company “HPP Djerdap.

Unlike the production in last year that was extremely dry,  this year’s most impressive production was achieved by the largest member of the Company, HPP “Djerdap 1”. On the day when it fulfilled the February production plan, 18th  February,  it recorded a total of 911 million kilowatts, or nearly 56 percent more than the planned. On the basis of this and on the forecast that the Danube inflows shall continue with slight declines, now is more certain the prediction of Djerdap dispatchers that, before the end of February, the first Danube HPP shall not only produce this year’s first billion kilowatts until the beginning of March, but is going to surpass it for 80 million kilowatts.
Good work and more than the planned production has been recorded also by the other Danube hydropower plant, “Djerdap 2”. With a daily production of more than five million kWh of electricity, it surpassed the plan by about 30 percent and is on the good way to repeat the last year’s production results. As a reminder, HPP  “Djerdap 2” last year was the only Serbian  run-of-river HPP that met and surpassed production plan.

The more than planned production  of the Danube and run-of-river HPPs enabled lesser engagement of the reservoir HPPs  within the composition of Company “HPP Djerdap”, ” Vlasina HPPs”  and HPP “Pirot”. In this way, these plants have gained more opportunities to significantly “preserve stocks”  of the peak kilowatt-hours of electricity in their reservoirs.

Source;Serbia Energy/EPS