Farmakom invests 5MEUR in gold mine exploration in south Serbia

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Farmakom concern has invested 5 million of euros in one of the richest gold mines in Europe-Lece near Medvedja. The equipment for flotation, that has been purchased from reputable manufacturers from Poland and Sweden, will enable not just increased production of zinc, lead and gold, but also better quality in the mine.

Medvedja municipality is one of the poorest in Serbia, so this investment is even more significant for them, and they are hoping that some additional job positions will be openned. The 40-year old equipment will be replace by new one, in which 5 million of euros will be invested. In Farmakom, they say that money invested will be returned, because this mine is worth to invest in.

This is just a beginning of investments. Production, value created, export, is the right direction, and that is why Farmakom Concern all the time invests in personnel and process equipment, says Sasa Zivanovic, Deputy Managing Director of this company.

In the market, we have strong competition and consumers require the best quality. By instalation of new, modern equipment, production of zinc, lead and gold will raise by 50%, says the Director of this mine.

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