First large windmill parks in Serbia, fully operational in 2 years, all wind energy projects in value of 1,5 BEUR

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First windmill parks in Serbia, fully operation for electricity production are expected in two years. Beside Electric Power of Serbia (EPS) for electricity production from wind power some domestic and international investors are interested.

Windmill parks are planed in windy area, around cities of Vrsac, Kovin, Plandiste, Indjija and lower stream of Danube river.

Planed investment for electricity production from wind energy are over 1,5 bill euro but investors are complaining that despite the fact that new Energy Law is valid it still cant be fully implemented in this green area.

According to experts estimations from wind energy Serbia might cover 10% of its electricity needs, projects are prepared but construction is halted by regulations.

Foreign investors are also complaining on instability and duration of feed in tariffs, incentive measures for green electricity sales which are valid until the end of this year.Investors are expecting precise conditions and contract model for green energy sales to Energy company of Serbia.

European countries are counting on wind energy in great scale as nuclear power plants in many countries will be closed.

Serbia posses large potentials for wind electricity generation, suitable positions of areas across the country, competitive conditions and incentive measures, its is quite logical that competition is increasing in this market area and that actors and companies are seeking to influence the next incentive period which will be granted by the state.

There is a great gap between Alliance of wind energy developers and Energy company of Serbia and public groups from different side.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine