First problems for Italian Secci Energy/EPS joint hydro power plants projects on Ibar river

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Experts of Serbian space planning agency and engineering design company Jaroslav Cerni presented to Kraljevo public the layout proposal of urban space plan for construction of ten new hydro power plants on Ibar river. The report on environment impact evaluation was also presented on the same public hearing meeting. Environmental experts from Kraljevo city are claiming that hydro power plants will kill Ibar river

This public hearing meeting and topic in general raised big interest in local community, from environmental groups, wisherman societies and those who support the HPP project construction, the meeting was held in almost incident atmosphere.

According to Nebojsa Stefanovic, the space plan layout was design for 10 cascade hydro power plants in total length of 55km and net output power of 122MW. He explained that the damn will be 12-15m height and accumulation in length of 2-4km and wide 50-150meters.

Stefanovic explained that this project is not simple and that it will affect river direction and speed, from fast to ten mini-accumulation lakes but the river will maintain some areas with fast river character which will allow different tourist and sport activities.

The project includes the construction of 15 new tourist zones on whose shores the tourist capacities could be build.

First works on this hydro power plants complex should start this or next year on locations of Dobre strane and Bela glava. For completion of this project it is necessary to relocate the regional Ibarska magistrala road on four locations, while railway and other historical monuments will not be endangered.

Dejan Divac from Jaroslav Cerni institute says that there will be no negative impact on city of Kraljevo or its drinking water supply system. On the opositve, Miroslav Pavlovic from Eko forum Kraljevo, consisting of 17 environmental societies, says that the construction of damns will kill the river.

Ten small hydro power plants will produce around 440 Gwh of electricity per year, under the Italian-Serbian treaty and contract of Secci Energy and EPS (Electric Power of Serbia) Serbia will sell this electricity for around 150MW per MW.

Source Serbia-energy