Freeport-McMoran and Reservoir minerals expand copper exploration projects in eastern Serbia

1. April 2013. / Mining

“Freeport-McMoRan” and “Reservoir Minerals” who found the richest copper site in 1905 will research 2 locations near Zajecar.
American Company “Freeport-McMoRan”, one of the most powerful mining corporations in the world, and Canadian “Reservoir minerals” found the best copper site in 1902, according to the first data and they will research 2 locations near Zajecar looking for gold and red metal.

“Reservoir minerals” researches 535 square km in Timocka Krajina independently and with “Freeport”- Simon Ingram, President and Managing Director of Canadian Company. We have all reasons to believe that this area hides the world class of copper and gold minerals.

Ingram stressed that geological research will be done near Zajecar’s village Nikolicevo and Kraljevici, where the big opportunities for finding the rich sites of copper and gold exist.

These companies are by Bor’s Airport which is not far from Nikolicevo village in the layer 160m wide, in the depth of 461 to 621m have hound the site with 10,16% of copper in the mineral. They also discovered the site with the 4,31% of red metal on the depth of 584 to 684 m on the other site.

As experts claim, sites with 1% of copper with certain amounts of mineral are considered to be very profitable. In order to get full picture what Americans discovered, the information that mineral with the most 0,4% of copper is being exploited in mines of red metal in Bor and Majdanpek.

Source Serbia Energy/ Novosti

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