Gazprom Export and Serbian partners settle gas debt issue

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Gazprom Export, the government of the Republic of Serbia, Yugorosgaz and Srbijagas signed a protocol stipulating extension of debt repayment by the Serbian side for the Russian natural gas supplied earlier, the Russian company said on Wednesday.

The parties agreed the debt repayment mechanism in the protocol of December 5, 2014. “According to the document signed, Serbian companies undertake to make monthly installments to completely settle the debt until June 30, 2016,” Gazprom Export said.

Participation of the Serbian government provides extra guarantees the Serbian side will honor its repayment commitments within the agreed timeframe, the Russian company said.

“The parties regard signing of this protocol as the next confirmation of the commitment to develop cooperation between Russia and Serbia in the natural gas branch,” Gazprom Export said.

Source: Tass

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