GazpromNeft NIS want its property in Kosovo, how do deal electricity transmission and balancing

13. May 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Electricity supply, status of HPP “Gazivode” and water system “Ibar-Lepenac” and reserves of coal in Kosovo i Metohija are the most important subjects for future negotiations of Belgrade and Pristina.

GazpromNeft company “Oil Industry of Serbia” prepares documentation for lawsuits against Kosovo’s supreme court in order to return ownership over immovable properties in South part of Kosovo i Metohija.

NIS owns 31 object on Kosovo territory and four of them are placed in north part of Kosovo- it is concluded in proposal of platform for future negotiations of Belgrade and Pristina where “Politika” had insight in.

NIS is also interested for oil research and sale of oil derivates independently and in cooperation with Kosovo’s companies. Problem in derivates’ trade is currently in “dual fees” so it is necessary for Serbian Government to make a decision for return of excises. NIS is interested in oil and gas research and production on Kosovo territory in south and north part.

-Resolving the question of electricity supply from north Kosovo, status of HPP “Gazivode” and “Ibar-Lepenac” system, property and investments of Serbia in energy objects and coal reserves in Kosovo i Metohija are the most important subjects mentioned in the proposal of platform for future negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina which need to be finished until the half of June.

As Politika finds out, it is written in proposal also that it is necessary to form separate subsidiary company of public power company EPS “Elektroprivreda Srbije” that would have role of system operator and public supplier for north part of KiM i.e. territory of “Valac” substation. Company for “wholesale” supply that would supply public supplier for north part of KiM and took over its balance responsibility need to be formed and in the case of achieving the contract for license acknowledgement between two energy agencies, it can be PC EPS.

-Status of HPP “Gazivode” whose production would also be a part of newly formed “wholesale” supplier balance group need to be defined with making clear financial relations in order not to HPP “Gazivode” business be endangered by not paying delivered energy what was the case in the former period- Polika’s source says- The part of agreement would be the clause for repeated connection between “Valac” substation and the other part of transmission system in KiM that Kosovo’s operator broke up independently in September 2011. This would provide the satisfying level of supply protection in the north part of KiM.

In relation to the balance responsibility in electricity transmission system is one that consider responsibility for balance and harmonization in transmission, according to the words of Politika’s source, KEK has the status of balance responsible side in the scope of Serbia and it need to registered as balance responsible side in PC “Elektromreza Srbije”(Serbian TSO company) with the same rules and obligations as PC EPS and all other trade participants.

-This means that contract relation need to be made for PC EMS- PC EPS. There will be no hole in coverage and oscillations at market with this concept- our source claims. Lignite takes the most meaningful place in the structure of minerals in KiM. Lignite’s geological reservoirs ARE 14,7 billion tons. These reservoirs are ranked at the fifth place in the world. Framework platform predicts resolving the question of property and rights of energy PCs’ employees.

Source; Politika

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