German Kvarcverke entered Serbian mining sector with acquisition of seven mines

4. February 2013. / Mining

Germans enters five mines in “Kopovi Ub”, as well as sites “Belorecki pescar” near Bor and “Srbokvarc” not far from Zajecar. These are the part of the biggest quartz producer at the moment.

German Company “Kvarcverke” has become the owner of seven mines in Serbia recently. Germans enter five mines in “Kopovi Ub”, as well as sites “Belorecki pescar” near Bor and “Srbokvarc” not far from Zajecar, by taking over Bulgarian Company “Kaolin” that includes Serbian “Jugo-kaolin”.

Director of “Jugo-Kaolin” Nebojsa Ilincic confirmed this for “Novosti”.

-“Jugo-Kaolin” that employs around 300 people has four factories next to seven mines in Serbia- Ilincic stresses.-We’ll become a part of one of the biggest world companies for production and processing of quartz sand.

According to Ilincic’s words, Serbia can become the world leader in glass production thanks to reserves and the quality of quartz sand.

-Serbia imports glass in value of 100 million Euros every year- “Jugo-Kaolin” Director emphasized -We can have modern factories, export glass in value of several hundred million Euros and minimize import with all reserves of quartz sand we have. I’ll remind that limestone and dolomite participate in glass production next to quartz sand, so this can encourage Serbian Mining in large proportions.

This business can bring multiplied usefulness, Ilincic claims. That would employ big amount of people, engage railway, but it would also develop the whole row of following manufacturing and service industries.

Source Serbia Energy/Novosti

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