German Thyssen and Polish KOPEX to supply equipment to mining company Kolubara, negotiations for the delivery and installation of the new equipment started

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In the past two days in Lazarevac, at the Head Office of Mining Basin „Kolubara“, the initial meeting of the representatives of „Electric Power Industry of Serbia“ and MB „Kolubara with the contractors for the delivery and mounting of ECS (excavator-conveyor-spreader) system for the open pit mine “Field C“ is held. The procurement of the ECS system for the open pit mine “Field C“ is part of the project „EPS Kolubara Environmental Improvement Project“, which is financed from the loan of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Speaking about the importance of this project, Milorad Grčić, the director of MB “Kolubara”, pointed out that the realization of the project is as important for the EPS and “Kolubara” as it is for the Lazarevac and Obrenovac.

– This is another proof that the miners can contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment, and not only to pollution and visual disturbance of the municipality area where the coal is exploited. In addition to the significant environmental benefits, the project will also bring the high level of production modernization, standardization of the coal quality, which will be transported into the TPP NT, and better air quality control –  said Mr. Grčić.

On the first day, the joint meeting with all the contractors was held, and the individual meetings with each and every contractor separately were held on the second day.

The meeting was opened by Assisstant Director of MB „Kolubara“, Mihailo Petrović, who stressed the importance of the project realization in the planned time schedule, because the excavation of the mounting site, where all the equipment will be mounted, is planned for the end of 2015. During the meeting, which was chaired by Slobodan Mitrović, the operational team manager for the implementation of this project, all the project manages of the contractors and MB „Kolubara“ were presented. Representatives of the consultants in this part of the project, German company RWE, presented the „Instruction for project realization“, where the procedure for the project realization is defined.

The procurement and the mounting of the new ECS system consists of the bucket wheel excavator, belt conveyors, spreaders and system for power supply, and in addition to the new technical solutions, the modern solution for noise and dust protection will be implemented to this system, in order to meet the strict requirements of environment protection and occupational safety.

The contract for the delivery and mounting of the excavator has been signed with the German company „Thyssen Krupp”. The contract for the delivery and mounting of the conveyor belt has been signed with the consortium of Polish companies: KOPEX S.A – KOPEX MASHINERY S.A- KOPEX FAMAGO etc. Contract for delivery and mounting of the spreader has been signed with the Swiss-Austrian company „Sandvik“, while the contract for delivery and mounting of the power supply system has been signed with the local company „Montproject“.

With implementation of this project, MB „Kolubara“ will improve both the production and environmental protection, which ensures the stability of the power system in Serbia, since, the coal produced in the open pit mines of „Kolubara“, is used for production of almost 55 % of the electricity in the country.

Source; RBK