Government of Montenegro adopted 2013 Energy Balance, positive balances and imports planed

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Government adopted Energy balance for year 2013, where gross consumption is planned to be 3,634 thousand gigawatt hours, which is 8, 08% less than this year estimation of accomplishments. Government concluded that basic and very important for Energy balance realization characteristics of energy sector is electricity deficit, The Aluminium Plant (KAP) and Zeljezara energy consumption and appearance of congestion on transmission capacities.

Energy consuming is planned to be covered with production from its 3, 142 gigawatt-hour sources, positive balance exchange with Serbian Energy company EPS 325 GW, and Montenegro Energy company (EPCG) 157 GW import.

Electricity production in Montenegro, excluding own consumption production, was planned in amount of 3, 142 GW which is 16% more than this year accomplishments.

Planned production on the threshold of Hydro Power Plant Perucica is 932 GW, which is 19% more than estimation of accomplishments for this year. Planned production on the threshold of HE Piva is 782GW, 22% more, and in small HE 21 GW or 6, 6% more than this year accomplishments estimation.

Estimated electricity production from hydro power plants is relatively low, because of unfavourable hydrological conditions during this year, was alleged in Energy Balance.

Planned production on the threshold of TE Pljevlja is 1,407 thousands of GW, which is 11% more than accomplishment estimation for this year.

HE Perucica’s participation in whole amount of planned electricity production is 29, 7%, HE Piva 24, 9%. TE Pljevlja 44, 8%, and small hydro power plants 0, 7%.

Direct consumers spending is 27% lower that this year estimation. Planned consumption of KAP in the following year is 34% lower than estimation, Zeljezara consumption is 81% higher, and ZeljeznickaInfrastruktura 72% higher.

Planned gross consumption of distribution amounts 2,612 thousand of GW which is 0, 4% higher than this year estimation.
Transmission network losses are planned to be 144GW, that is 3, 9% gross consumption of Montenegro.

Distribution network losses are predicted to be 340GW or 13% in reference with gross distribution consumption per year.
Total deficit of electricity in Montenegro in reference with gross consumption requirements amounts 157GW or 4, 33% and complete amount is EPCG’s obligation.

Coal Mine Plevlja planned production of 1, 914 million tons of coal for next year, and that is 8% more than production estimation for this year. 1,834 million tons of coal delivery is planned for TE Pljevlja needs, 40 thousand tons for other consumers and 40 thousand to consumers from other countries.

Total turnover of oil products for Montenegro consumers’ needs is planned in amount of 242,85 thousand tons for next year and that is 4,7% less than estimated consumption in this year.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine