Greece: After five years, gas-fired TPP Megalopoli V operates at full capacity

, SEE Energy News

After five year of production well below its capacity, Public Power Corporation (PPC) has started operating its gas-fired thermal power plant Megalopoli V at full capacity (811 MW).

It is estimated that this restriction cost PPC around 200 million euros.

Electricity transmission system operator ADMIE gave PPC the approval for full-scale production, after an extended period of pressure applied by the company. Previously, PPC was forces to operate the unit at 60 % of its capacity, namely 500 MW, because, according to ADMIE, the transmission network in the region could not cope with more electricity produced.

Trial operation of gas-fired Megalopoli V started in April 2015, but PPC had never been given permission to increase production by additional 311 MW to reach full capacity.

Meanwhile, PPC’s lignite-fired Megalopoli III and IV units were either shut or operated well below full capacity as a result of CO2 emission right costs. This will also enable PPC to completely shut down 250 MW Megalopoli III unit.