Greece and Cyprus development plan for electricity interconnection projects

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Cyprus is the only EU member state without electricity grid interconnections.

Greek and Cypriot Minister of Energy, Kostis Hatzidakis and Natasa Pilides discussed the development of the wider region’s two major electricity grid interconnections, the EuroAsia interconnector, intended to link Greece, from Crete, with Cyprus and Israel, and EuroAfrica interconnector, a complementary project to link Cyprus with the African continent via Egypt.

Progress of EuroAsia interconnector project, whose launch is scheduled for late 2023, was held back by a Greek-Cypriot dispute over the withdrawal of the Crete-Athens segment from EuroAsia interconnector, by Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE. The Crete-Athens segment is now being developed as a national project by ADMIE and its subsidiary Ariadne Interconnection.

EuroAsia interconnector and EuroAfrica interconnector are aimed to develop Cyprus into an electricity hub. A 310 kilometers long cable from Israel and a 498 kilometers long line from Egypt will converge at coastal Kofinou, in Cyprus’ south. From this hub, an 898 kilometers long cable is planned to link Cyprus with Crete before reaching Athens.

At the meeting, the Greek and Cypriot Energy Ministers primarily focused on EuroAsia Interconnector, the Crete-Cyprus-Israel project, which is at a more mature stage.

Budgeted at 2.5 billion euros, this project, regarded as an EU Project of Common Interest, will promote regional energy security and further RES penetration in all three participating countries. The EU will need to contribute at least half the project’s value.