Greece, Country plans to increase capacity of its electricity interconnections

, SEE Energy News

Speaking at the Western Balkans Summit held in Berlin last week, Greek Minister of Energy Kostas Skrekas said that the country is planning to double the capacity of its electricity interconnections with Italy, North Macedonia and Bulgaria by 2030, while the capacity of interconnection with Albania will triple in the same period.

Minister Skrekas said that this ambitious plan is part of Greece’s strategy to implement critical infrastructure in order to increase the country’s energy competitiveness and provide energy supply alternatives. He said that Greece is turning into a regional hub for the transfer of green energy, adding that the renewable energy sources market share will exceed 46 % this year and may well reach 60 % in the next three years.

Greece plans to install 2 GW of new RES projects by the end of 2022, four times more than it connected to the network over the last four years, he added.

According to Minister Skrekas, the market test for the natural gas pipeline between Greece and North Macedonia has been completed. The pipeline is expected to be ready for commissioning by mid- 2025 and will be also fully ready for carrying hydrogen.