Greece, Country will pay Gazprom for the gas it imported in April on 20 May

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Greek Minister of Energy Kostas Skrekas said that Greece will pay Gazprom for the gas it imported in April on 20 May, in a way that will not violate European Union sanctions against Russia.

Minister Skrekas explained that Greek gas utility DEPA will pay Gazprom for April’s gas supplies in a way which will not violate the sanctions and safeguard the country’s energy security, adding that Gazprom has proposed a way of payment, which has legal, financial and political aspects and the Government is currently assessing all these aspects.

He also said that the Government has taken all the necessary measures for the energy efficiency of the country, in order to face worst-case scenarios. In particular, he noted the expansion of the storage capacity of Revythoussa LNG terminal with a new floating unit, which should be completed in July.

He also noted the readiness of four power plants that currently run on natural gas, to operate using diesel, but also the utilization of Trans-Adriatic (TAP) gas pipeline through which Greece imports 18 % of its gas needs from Azerbaijan.

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