Greece, Decrease in electricity consumption by 18% in the period January – December 2022.

, SEE Energy News

Electricity consumption in Greece fell by 18 percent between January and December 2022 – from 4.88 TWh in January to 4.01 TWh  in December, data from transmission system operator ADMIE shows.

The consumption of electricity fell continuously in the period from July to November. In July, consumption was reduced by 12 percent, in August by 13 percent, and in September by 3 percent. A more noticeable drop in consumption was recorded during autumn, due to warm weather and a drop in heating consumption – by 9 percent in October and by 12 percent in November. In December, after five months, this trend was reversed and consumption increased to 4.01 TWh.

In the period January – November 2022, the consumption of natural gas was also reduced by 18 percent, data from the Natural Gas System Operator DESFA showed.

In this way, Greece created the conditions for achieving the European goal of reducing electricity and gas consumption in the period August 2022 – March 2023, by 15 percent, i.e. five percent in peak hours compared to the five-year average.

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