Greece: Decreased electricity consumption in January

, SEE Energy News

In January, electricity consumption in Greece was 9.5 % lower compared to the same month last year, mostly due to measures implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to data published by electricity transmission system operator ADMIE. These measures mostly affected the consumption of commercial consumers, however, electricity consumption in the high-voltage category was lower by 3.3 % in January 2021, compared to the same month a year earlier. On the other hand, electricity production increased by 12.9 % in January, mostly due to an increase of hydro generation, which rose by 221 %, after Public Power Corporation (PPC) decided to utilize its HPP as a result of elevated water reserves. The increase is also attributed to a drop in electricity imports and rise in electricity exports to neighboring countries: Italy (43 %), North Macedonia (24 %), Bulgaria (22 %), Albania (9 %) and Turkey (2 %).RES output was 43 % higher in January as a result of strong winds during the month, while lignite-fired generation fell by 43 %. Natural gas-fueled generation was also edged down by 2 %.

In terms of energy mix share, gas-fired power plants held a 36 % share, RES units captured 35 %, hydropower represented 16 % and lignite was responsible for 13 % of total electricity generation in January. Regarding the producer, PPC covered 66.6 % of electricity demand in January, followed by Mytilineos (7.52 %), Heron (5.89 %), Elpedison (4.63 %), NRG (3.49 %) and Watt & Volt (2.74 %).