Greece: Decreased electricity consumption in June

, SEE Energy News

Despite the lifting of lockdown measures, electricity consumption in Greece decreased by 14.61 % in June, compared to the previous year.

June’s drop in electricity consumption, which is attributed to the unprecedented decline in tourism activity, is even bigger than the declines registered in April and May during the full lockdown of the country, of 13 and 9 %, respectively.

Numerous hotels and other tourism industry units have not opened for business. Also, flight bans were essentially not lifted until the beginning of this month. Responding to the drop in electricity demand, electricity producers have decreased output by 16 %.

Natural gas and renewables dominated electricity generation in June. Natural gas-fired generation covered 36.56 % of consumption, while RES production covered 26.43 %. Electricity imports covered 23.93 %, hydropower 7.43 % and lignite-fired production just 5.64 %.