Greece: Despite increased demand electricity system is stable

, SEE Energy News

In order to meet increased demand due to cold weather, Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE said that it engaged all available capacities, with hourly consumption expected to peak at almost 9,000 MW. State-owned PPC’s lignite-fired thermal power plants – Agios Dimitrios III and IV, Kardia III and IV, and Meliti, operate as base plants, while gas-fired power plants operated by PPC, Elpedison, Protergia and Korinthos Power are on stand-by, ready to enter operation in case of need. This is because high renewable energy output is expected, with over 58 GWh, representing about a third of expected electricity consumption for 16 February.

Due to entry of many lignite-fired power plants, prices at the energy exchange are expected to rise up to 62 euros/MWh. ADMIE has asked energy-intensive producers to limit their energy consumption until the extreme weather conditions have passed.