Greece, Electricity consumption dropped for an eighth successive month in February 2023

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According to data published by Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE, electricity consumption dropped for an eighth successive month in February 2023, by 2.25 % compared to the same month last year.

However, the drop in February was far milder compared to the previous months, especially the 13.78 % decline recorded in January. Electricity consumption in Greece amounted to 4,069 GWh in February 2023, down from 4,163 GWh last February.

Renewable energy dominated February’s energy mix, with a 41.2 % share, followed by gas-fired electricity generation with 22.5 % and lignite-fired power plants at 15 %.

Regarding the situation in the retail electricity market, market leader Public Power Corporation (PPC) gained 2.5 % in February, compared to January, thus reaching 62.58 % market share.

Among independent suppliers, Protergia, a member of the Mytilineos group, follows with a 7.44 % market share, down from 10.53 % a month earlier. Haron is third placed with 7.03 % (6.83 % in January), followed by Elpedison with 5.91 % market share (6.02 % in January).

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